About Charles
Following in the footsteps of numerous nineteenth-century, English watercolourists, London-born artist Charles Foster-Hall has traveled widely to observe and paint the natural world. In the course of a long journey through Asia and the Far East he stopped in Japan for an extended period to paint and study Noh Theatre. Then, after 10 years in Paris, he moved to New York, where he received many mural commissions, public art commissions and worked with the New York artist, Jeff Koons. On return to London in 2005 he was awarded the St Cuthbert's Mill Prize by the Royal Watercolour Society and has exhibited in their Open Exhibitions. Foster-Hall received a degree in Microbiology and molecular genetics from the University of Bristol, UK, after which he decided to devote himself more fully to painting. His desire to reconcile scientific interests with artistic practice led to his involvement in a project to create a 10-foot-tall boiled egg originally proposed by Salvador Dali. Although he considers his original inspiration to come from early memories of the English landscape, he is now taking great pleasure in rediscovering the gardens and country houses of his native land. His work can be viewed at
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