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Ypres and Flanders WWI Battlefield Excursion
About Christophe
During his studies in history at the University of Brussels, Chris decided to enroll simultaneously at the Royal Military Academy, to submerge himself in the history of the First World War. After completing all the qualifications, he returned back to his roots: the battlefields of Flanders Fields, where he has grown up. He knows the story behind every corner, every monument, bunker or crater and has been taking his clients around the area for the past five years. He is actively involved in war heritage conservation, and has offered his services and knowledge to a spectrum of research teams, publishers and documentary filmmakers. He has identified and categorized countless war sites that were about to be forgotten in time, combining his passion for military history, heritage, and archaeology. He has initiated numerous visitors in the stories and strategies of the Western Front, always prepared to go the extra mile, keen on taking care of his guests and truly understand their needs and expectations. When not touring former military sites, Chris is a keen diver, motorcycle enthusiast and 'beerologist'.
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