About David
David A. Mason is a Michigan-born professor of Korean Cultural Tourism at Sejong University, Seoul Campus, and a longtime researcher on Northeast Asian History and the religious characteristics of Korea's mountains. He offers vivid tours with deep contextual insight and fascinating details, telling many old stories relevant to the sites, with warm humor. He has been an academic in South Korea since 1986, and also served as a consultant for the national Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the United Nations World Tourism Organization for five years. He was appointed the national Honorary Ambassador of the Baekdu-daegan Mountain Ranges in 2011. Mason earned a Masters' Degree in the History of Korean Religions from Yonsei University in 1997. He has authored and edited ten books on Korean culture and tourism, including 'Spirit of the Mountains' about Korea's traditions of sacred mountains, the 'English Encyclopedia of Korean Buddhism', and 'Solitary Sage: The Profound Life, Wisdom and Legacy of Korea’s ‘Go-un’ Choi Chi-won'. He has published many articles in academic journals and popular magazines, and has frequently been interviewed on various mass-media. His popular website on sacred Korean mountains and mountain-spirit traditions can be found at www.san-shin.org.
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