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Seoul Briefing: Coffee and Stroll with a Local Expert
About Emily
Emily is a Korean adoptee with the unique perspective of looking like a local, but being a foreigner. She is currently working on her master's in Korean Studies (International Cooperation minor) at Yonsei University after receiving a bachelor's in French (Chinese minor) in 2014 and a bachelor's in International Relations and Global Studies (Classics minor) in 2009. Due to the nature of her majors, she has studied abroad with College Year in Athens (2006, Cycladic Islands), the East China Normal University (2012, Shanghai), the Institut Catholique de Paris (2012) as well as a home university study abroad experience to Paris in 2014. Emily has has lived in the Seoul metropolitan area since July 2015, having previously lived here for 15 months in 2010 and 2011. During her five years here, she has had the experience of getting her black belt in taekwondo, completed traditional dance and pansori courses at the National Theatre of Korea, taken some haegeum classes with the National Gugak Centre, watched nearly 40 different Korean musicals, and learned how to make rice cake soup, kimchi and bossam (boiled pork) from North Korean chefs.
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