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Jewish Prague Synagogue Tour
About Eva
Born and raised in Prague in a family of Jewish origin, Eva graduated as a chemical engineer and has eighteen years of experience as a licensed tour guide of Prague and public lecturer. Her specialization is in the history of Prague, Czech & European Jewry, and Holocaust, genocide & memory studies. Eva is also an employee of the Jewish Museum in Prague, where she has worked as a guide and lecturer in their Culture and Education Unit since 1998. Her regular lectures deal with the history of Czech Jewry since early Middle Ages, Jewish customs and traditions, the history of antisemitism, and the narratives of and about Holocaust survivors. Since 2004, she has been a regular lecturer and workshop leader with the Neighbors Who Disappeared Initiative, a non-profit organization working towards increased awareness of the Holocaust to older school children. Eva has curated and publicly opened a number of exhibitions based on these research projects both in the Czech Republic and abroad (Australia, Germany, UK, USA). During her tours, Eva likes to build her narrative around the individual men and women who significantly shape a time period.
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