About Ferdinando
Ferdinando is an archaeologist and an official guide of Rome and its province since 2009. He holds a Degree in Preservation of the Cultural Heritage in Sicily, then he moved to Rome where he got a Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology (i.e. greek and roman) and a Ph.D. in Greek and Roman pottery. Being not merely a guide but digging since the age of 18, what he offers is not a simple tour, but a way to breath the history. On his tours, Ferdinando enjoys letting the monuments come alive as he had the privilege to take part in the excavation of an area very close to the Colosseum. The experience turned afterward into an MD focused on Nero and the Flavians, the dynasty of emperors who built the Colosseum. So the valley of the Amphitheater is like his second home as it was included in the introduction of his dissertation. The training in this area as a student gives him today the chance to explain the way archaeologists "read" the stones and reconstruct history by understanding the stratification of layers. He also had the opportunity to take part to several excavations in Sicily, in many regions of Italy and in Crete two times as a guest of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens. Over the course of 10 years guiding in Rome, his tours became a visual experience, as he strongly believes in the power of images, something he learned during his university studies, and so he was educated to this strategy of communication as a way to make history visible apart from understandable. Rome is an open-air museum with 3% of the world heritage attracting people from all over the world. Meeting people for him is like traveling with his imagination and so the philosophy is that experiencing Rome is a cultural exchange and interaction, not a one-way conversation, but a chance for cultural growth.
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