About John Edward
"From the sublime to the ridiculous, there is but one step" Memorable quips such as this, which crystalised in the mind of Napoleon Bonaparte during his retreat from Moscow in 1812, can connect us to the past in a way that seems almost magical, at least to John, an experienced British guide who enjoys nothing more than to share this magic with others. In that one phrase, Napoleon's grim humour, intelligence and curious foreboding of destiny shine out across 200 years. We smile because we know what he means. Suddenly, he is alive to us. That historical figures and events can be so alive to us is a source of endless inspiration for John. Whether it's 2000 years or 200 days, there is always so much about the past to amuse, sadden, astonish and inspire. A graduate of Marne la Valleé University, Paris and the University of Birmingham, England, John originally studied philosophy, before happily immersing himself in history and art history.
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