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Half-Day Keukenhof Tulip Gardens Tour from Amsterdam
About Josette
After building a sail training ship to educate young trainees to work together and develop their skills on the water, Josette sailed around Europe for more than 12 years. Prior to her years as a sailing instructor, she studied Cultural History in the Netherlands and now works in the field of cultural education. Josette is active as a lecturer on art and culture, and specialised lectures on the history of the tulip and bulb growing in the Netherlands. North of Amsterdam is the region in Holland where Josette has her home, and she is passionate about introducing visitors to the most hidden towns and landscape of the 'real' Netherlands. She particularly enjoys taking guests on interesting trips to the towns of Hoorn or Enkhuizen, or to Texel, one of the 5 isles of the Netherlands, for an interdisciplinary experience combining nature, art and history.
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