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Andalusia, Granada
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Custom & Multi-Day Tour of Granada , Granada Alhambra Tour
About Marina
Marina González-Lamuño studied "Art History" at University of Granada, and she's specially interested in understanding the artistic techniques, the traditional building procedures and it's conservation; this led her to combine her university studies with a two years practical training in "Masonry for Heritage Conservation", finishing both studies in 2004. Then she decided to go to Italy to study Roman/Byzantine mosaic production and restoration at "Scuola del Mosaico" in Ravenna and, after coming back to Spain, she continued her postgraduate education with a Master’s degree in "Architecture and historic heritage" (2008). While she was undertaking her studies, she started working as a Restoration Assistant, to later take the step towards working in Commercial Archaeology, not only in Spain, but also in the UK. She's passionate about continous learning: as a fellow of the European Leonardo Da Vinci Programme she was a Trainee in Paper and Photography Restoration in 2013; she has done several courses focusing on more specific fields as Conservation-Restoration in archaeological sites and Archaeology of Architecture. Also interested in knowing and practicing all kinds of crafts, she's now focussed on studying Ceramics, while preparing to become a Museum Curator.
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