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About Melissa
Melissa Sutherland describes herself as a global citizen, passionate Capetonian, wine tourism promoter, professional tour guide and entrepreneur. In the early years of South Africa’s democracy she served as a Vice-Consul for Political and Cultural Affairs in New York before moving to Sydney to work for a publishing house. In 2008 she started her own company to share and connect people and opportunities around the wonderful worlds of wine, art and travel. Growing up in a wine family, she completed her Certificate Course through the Cape Wine Academy, qualifying as a Professional Tour Guide in 2011. Melissa recently wrote a book on the South African artist Frank Spears and enjoys painting in her free time. She is also a blogger who has been shortlisted in international competitions for her wine tourism blogs. She lives in Cape Town with her husband and two teenagers and enjoys nothing more than sharing her love of South Africa and showcasing the best of what South Africa has to offer to well-travelled, seasoned and discerning visitors.
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