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About Niels
Niels, a true enthusiast of Bruges' rich history, its breathtaking landscapes, and architectural masterpieces, has found his true calling as a tour guide in his beloved hometown. Living in the vibrant heart of Bruges, Niels is deeply connected to the city's rhythm and its hidden stories. His days are filled with explorations and discoveries, as he drives through cobbled streets with his vintage car and along scenic paths, constantly gathering new tales and insights. His commitment to sharing Bruges' heritage is evident in every tour he leads, aiming not just to inform but to captivate and engage. With every story he tells, Niels brings the past alive, making history accessible and intriguing to everyone who joins his tours. His approach is personal and heartfelt, reflecting his deep-rooted love for Bruges and his desire to make every tour memorable. Through his detailed narratives and charismatic presence, Niels ensures that each guest leaves with a deeper appreciation of Bruges' historical and cultural richness.
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