About Rachele
Rachele has a degree in History of Art from the University of Palermo. Her dissertation was on Gender and Racial Studies in the feminist movement. After University, she completed a Master degree on Museum Organization and Management at the Cattolica University in Milan. At the same time she completed a four- month stage at the Museum of Contemporary Art “ Villa Zito” in Palermo where she reorganized the main picture gallery.Rachele is a member of Associazione Osservatorio Outsider Art and she has delivered lectures on such topics as naif painters in Sicily and Puglia.Occasionally, she contributes to the organization of Art events at the local Gallery “Beatrice “, at Palazzo Sambuca, that specializes in late nineteenth- century Sicilian and Neapolitan painting.An area in which she has proved particularly successful is dealing with groups of children or elementary-school students. She has joined in an initiative taken by the local administration meant to show junior citizens the most outstanding landmarks of the area they live in.
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