About Seth
A native of New York City, journalist Seth Sherwood earned a B.A in English from Northwestern University and an M.A. in American literature from The University of Texas at Austin before heading off to Paris in 2004 to write articles for the Travel section of The New York Times. Since then, he has scoured the world to cover musicians in Dakar, nightlife in Beirut, dining in Dubai, cooking classes in Puglia, street food in Copenhagen, contemporary art in Marrakesh, and a host of other cultural and culinary subjects in countries near and far. He has also acted as a tour guide for the newspaper’s Times Journeys division, accompanying readers on 12-day excursions around Morocco. But his heart (and stomach) remain in Paris, still his favourite place for eating adventures and wine explorations. These days you might find him at the Bastille food market, the Marché Aligre, or scoping out emerging restaurant scenes anywhere in the city.
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