About Stefania
Growing up in many different parts of Greece helped Stefania develop a keen interest in the country’s long history and cultural diversity, as well as its different environments and people. In her adult life, she pursued undergraduate studies in history and archaeology in Greece, and postgraduate studies in art history abroad. In 2014, she obtained the professional tourist guide license, which opened an exciting new path for her by creating the opportunity to put her knowledge and interests into practice. Since then, she has been working full-time as an English-speaking tour guide, accompanying visitors from all around the world in their travels throughout Greece. She has acquired experience in cultural, educational, religious and culinary tours, and enjoys working with small as well as large groups of people because of the different kind of challenges they present. Her goal is to always keep an open mind, a fresh point of view, and the desire to ensure the best possible conditions for the creation of unique memories.
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