About Valeria
Valeria is an architect based in Rome and Naples. Since 1995 she has been pursuing intense professional activity in the fields of urban regeneration as well as valorization of cultural heritage and landscape design. PhD in “Architectural Design”, she is the author of various essays published in books and magazines about cultural heritage, urban and landscape design, dwellings and art. Vice President of the non-profit Association Tevereterno, she has been working on this ambitious project for the regeneration of the Tiber river in Rome and gained recognition within the Management Plan of the Unesco World Heritage Site of Rome. In this role she has curated and promoted several artistic and cultural projects including “Triumphs and Laments” by the artist W. Kentridge. She has collaborated to the design of the current Urban Plan of Rome, especially in the Historic City. She worked for the restoration of Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Termini Station and the church San Giorgio al Velabro in Rome.
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