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About Vivian
Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, and raised in Toronto, Canada, Vivian has been very fortunate to explore and experience the multicultural and diverse backgrounds of North America, as well as the roots of her own culture from a very young age, through her constant travels and studying. As a result, she developed a passion for people, history and archaeology, which brought her back to Greece, where she fulfilled her dream to study History and Archaeology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and participate in various remarkable excavations in Northern Greece. Also, she completed her graduate studies at the National School for Tourist Guides in Thessaloniki, and has been leading tours of all kinds (such as schools, religious, business and study groups, as well as small, specialized private groups) all over Greece, and especially Athens, her permanent residence and focus of her continuous studies. Sharing her knowledge and passion for this city with people from all over the world, is a great way to rediscover this ancient cultural capital in the 21st century.
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