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Jews in Amsterdam
About Yuli
Before moving to Amsterdam, Yuli worked for 15 years as a tour guide in Israel, specializing in Jerusalem. She worked with families, adults, school programs and IDF educational projects, all coming to Jerusalem to explore this unique city and absorb its deep values of religious tolerance and cultural diversity. Yuli’s field expertise in recent years was the Ultra-Orthodox society (Haredi) in Israel. She developed close contact with Haredi neigbourhoods in Jerusalem and organized open conversations between Haredi people and visiting groups, to help visitors learn about the special way of life practiced by the Haredi. Now that Yuli lives in Amsterdam, her tours here tell the Jewish story of this beautiful city. The general history of the city is intertwined with the Jewish history, thus Amsterdam is called Mokum (meaning ‘place’ in Yiddish) by the locals. Beginning with the arrival of the first Jews to Amsterdam 400 years ago, through their rich religious and social-economic life over the centuries, the tragic story of Amsterdam Jews in WW2 and the revival of the Jewish community in the Netherlands today, Yuli aims to trace the narrative of this historical and contemporary community on her tours.
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