About Zsofia
Zsófia is a freelance artist and museum educator who has worked for more than a decade as a museum educator at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Involved in all areas of museum education, from giving children’s workshops to designing interdisciplinary family events, Zsófia was also a regular lecturer of the Docent training programme at the museum, has written several educational materials and is the co-author of a guide on guided tours. She holds two MA degrees, one in English and the other in French, and has completed two Master's on museum education in France and Italy. Zsofia has lived in several countries including Syria, Belgium, France and Italy. Looking at and making art ever since she remembers, she has decided to leave the museum and try out her creativity as an artist. She is currently also studying to become an Iyengar yoga teacher. Her passion for rambling in unknown places and for teaching leaves her excited to meet curious travelers to Budapest.
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