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Zoom in on the hidden messages left behind by some of the world‘s great artists
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Borghese Gallery , The Rape of Proserpina, Apollo and Daphne, and Sacred and Profane Love
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Borghese Gallery and Museum is a treasure trove of some of the world‘s greatest artworks. On this audio guide tour with Context Travel expert Cecilia Martini, this maestro of Medieval and Renaissance art will unravel the spellbinding tale of how Cardinal Scipione Borghese accumulated the magnificent art collection that blossomed into the famous gallery.

Starting outside the museum, you'll learn how one cardinal‘s vision birthed the “Museum of the Universe” – a constellation of modern and ancient art, botanical wonders, and creatures that fueled the imaginations of musicians, poets, and artists alike. You'll be guided through various rooms within the gallery and shown specific pieces. You'll hear about the artists behind the pieces as well as the styles involved. Cecilia will show you how ancient myths and literature were the beating heart of Italian art from the Renaissance onwards. She'll help you decipher the enigmatic symbols and profound meanings woven into masterpieces by luminaries like Domenichino, Caravaggio, Bernini, Raphael, and Titian.

On this self-paced audio guide tour of Borghese Gallery, you'll:

• Lose yourself in Canova's masterpieces and learn about the Neoclassical movement, which was based on the concept of ideal beauty and harmonious perfection, without a hint of excess
• See the significance and importance of Vraisemblance art, a style so lifelike it blurs the line between art and reality
• Witness the rise of the young Bernini, the revolutionary inventor of Baroque art, who infused sculptures with the three main elements that dominated all of his artwork: movement, drama and vraisemblance
• Discover the dramatic narrative of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's masterpieces, like the compelling Rape of Persephone, delving deep into human emotions
• Peer into Caravaggi'‘s world, in which he painted ordinary-looking people to go against the idealized beauty of traditional Italian painting
• Interpret the layers of meaning hidden within Raphael‘s renowned works, like Portrait of a Young Woman with Unicorn and The Deposition of the Cross
• Find out how Domenichino's role as an artist wasn‘t to depict the world as it is, with all its defects and dramas, but to filter reality to show the perfect harmony behind it

By the end of this artistic odyssey, you'll be able to decode the secrets and symbolism woven into these timeless masterpieces. Prepare to leave with an enriched understanding of the world's most significant art pieces, sparking a newfound appreciation for the boundless depths of artistic expression!

The Borghese Gallery and Museum is open daily from 9 AM to 7 PM except on Mondays, and the last entrance is at 5:30 PM. The museum is closed on Mondays.

Tickets and time reservations are mandatory to visit the museum, and they sell out fast so you will need to purchase your ticket in advance of your visit. Admission tickets can be purchased here. Each visitor will receive a two-hour slot to visit the Borghese Gallery.
Meet Your Expert

Cecilia is an art historian and a native Roman with a Master's degree in Medieval and Renaissance art from the Sapienza University of Rome. Although her specialty is painting and decorative arts, she has a broad knowledge of the history of Rome and a personal passion for ancient history, which she shares on many antiquity-themed itineraries. Cecilia has worked actively in the past as a lecturer, teacher, and curator of exhibitions. She had been a staff member of the didactive service of the Vatican Museums, the Galleria Doria Pamphili and the Galleria Colonna where she still frequently consults. As a licensed guide for Rome and Florence and with a specialized teaching degree, she has more than 20 years of experience in leading highly-qualified tours.

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This audio guide made our visit to Borghese Gallery genuinely the best time I've ever had in an art museum. The museum is not too large and because they limit entry to two hours it's also far less crowded than most. Cecilia focused our attention on just 15 or so pieces and pointed out details in the technique, narrative, and history that I would have otherwise walked right past. The sculptures — especially Bernini's — are absolutely incredible and here you can walk right up to them and get a close and unobstructed view. I particularly appreciated Cecilia's rich descriptions that made the work come alive. The analysis of Bernini's David and Bernini chooses the moment of action where Michelangelo chooses the mental moment just before really opened my eyes to the artistic choices I usually overlook. I'll visit museums differently after this audio guide and hope I can take Cecilia's voice with me as often as possible.