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Unmask the city's past while walking in the footprints that inspired the Bard
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  • London Bridge
  • St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Shakespeare's Globe
  • Thames River
  • Borough Market
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The Blackfriar Pub
Playhouse Yard
William Shakespeare's House
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Audio Guide Description
As you walk in Shakespeare's footsteps, you'll dive into the ideliable mark the playwright left on London. On this walking tour with former actor turned Blue Badge guide and Context Travel expert Tim Barron, you'll gain insight into the renowned playwright’s personal and professional life in the bustling city. 

Starting in front of the Blackfriar Pub, you’ll explore the Blackfriars area and Southwark borough where Shakespeare lived and worked. As you walk, you'll hear all about the Bard's life, from the enigmatic "lost years" to the inspiration behind his iconic works. You'll stroll past various spots that are central to the history of theater in the city and see numerous sites where the world's most performed, most translated and most loved playright spent his time, including the original site of the Globe Theatre, the Rose Theatre, and the George Pub.

Tim will tell you about the challenges and triumphs of show business' early days. He'll reveal how Shakespeare and his contemporaries navigated the city's volatile theatrical landscape, and offer you a peek into the vibrant cultural milieu of Elizabethan London. 

Along the way, you'll:

• Dive into the fascinating history of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, from its reconstruction by Sam Wannamaker to its role in preserving Shakespeare’' legacy
• Visit the oldest Gothic church in London, Southwark Cathedral, where Shakespeare, Fletcher, Jonson, Dickens and other literary giants have all prayed during its over 1,000-year history
• Take in the site where Shakespeare's players performed A Midsummer Night’s Dream
• Look down Cardinal Cap Alley, the site of a notorious brothel during Shakespeare's times 
• Find out how Shakespeare and his friends would entertain travelers waiting to enter the city by the London Bridge
• Spot Shakespeare's former London home 
• See a reconstruction of the Golden Hinde (a 17th-century ship) and learn how the Bard featured maritime exploits in his work

As we delve into Shakespeare's legacy, you'll gain a deeper understanding of his impact on literature, theater, and the world at large. By the end of this 75-minute tour, you'll have a good sense of this influential writer and the enduring power of his storytelling. 

Although this tour has two small inclines, it is possible to go around these areas as indicated in the directions so the entire route wheelchair accessible and can be experienced by travelers of all capabilities. The total distance of the audio guide tour is 1.57 miles.
Meet Your Expert

Tim has lived most of his life in London but was born in Poole, Dorset on England’s South coast. He has been a London Blue Badge tour guide for over 10 years and loves showing guests “The Moves” of London, to quote Charles Dickens. The guard change at Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey and St Paul's cathedral are all waiting to be explored with him as a your guide. He has worked at, and regularly guides at, the museums of London, Science, and Transport, as well as the Royal Observatory Greenwich. The Tower of London is another favourite guiding destination where Tim will take great pleasure in introducing you to the raven ‘Poppy’ who he has known since he was an egg! He is fascinated by the ‘very old stuff’, London’s Roman past and the out of town fascination of Stonehenge. After art college he graduated in Environmental Sciences , then joined a rock band for several years singing & playing guitar. Later he moved into acting, which lead to 3 years in the West End in the Olivier Award winning musical ‘Return to the Forbidden Planet’ (Shakespeare’s forgotten Rock ‘n’ Roll masterpiece). Not surprisingly, Tim loves showing guests London’s theatre history and also its musical heritage. When not guiding, Tim, writes & records music and tends to his 58 yr old Volvo. “ I want to pass on my love & joy of this great city & its surroundings to you “

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