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United Kingdom and Ireland Private Tours and Small Group Tours

United Kingdom & Ireland Private and Small Group Guided Tours

Famed for their music, theater, literature and sport, these small island nations have had an outsize influence on the world
Situated off the coast of western Europe, the United Kingdom’s four countries—England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland—and the Republic of Ireland have long stood apart from the European mainland, defined by the mingling of their native Celts and Anglo-Saxons with visitors like the Norse, Romans, and Normans.

These unique dynamics are reflected in the UK and Ireland, which all bear distinct customs and traditions but also share a long history of cultural innovation—ranging from illuminated manuscripts to Shakespeare to soccer—not to mention a lively and welcoming pub culture.
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Alan was, again, mist excellent.
Alan was absolutely excellent. Thank you so much.
Francesca was just wonderful...we've done a lot of Context tours and have been blown away by many of your docents, but Francesca tops the list!