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2.5 hours
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  • National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology
  • Book of Kells
  • National Gallery of Ireland
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Your tour starts with a visit to the National Gallery of Ireland, home to one of Dublin’s finest collections of Irish and European art. Here you’ll begin to explore Irish culture and history through the nation’s artistic output. You may view paintings covering Irish mythology, the peasantry of the nineteenth century and the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland in the twelfth century.

Next, you’ll walk the short distance to the National Museum of Ireland - Archaeology, where you’ll delve deeper into Celtic culture and mythology. You’ll learn about the Tuatha dé Dannan, a mythical race of people from early Irish literature that brought four magical items to Ireland from cities—since disappeared—in the Northern Ocean. Your guide will help the museum’s objects come to life through stories of this and other myths integral to Irish culture.

All of these discussions will prepare you well for a visit to one of Dublin’s greatest treasures: the Book of Kells. After your time in the Archaeology museum, your expert will walk you over to Trinity College, sharing stories about the Book of Kells and the famed Long Library along the way. 

Your expert will hand over your tickets to the Book of Kells, giving you some pointers on particular things to look out for on your independent visit. Your time with your guide will come to an end as you make your way into the exhibition, armed with newfound knowledge about Irish culture and mythology that will enhance your visit.

After major renovation works, a new digital experience has been inaugurated: The Book of Kells Experience will amaze you with its immersive video illustrations and audio-themed accompaniment. It's an extraordinary voyage that will guide you through the ancient masterpiece's history.
Caution: Book of Kells 360 content contains imagery and moving video that may cause discomfort for those who are sensitive to light or motion or have epilepsy.
  • You're seeking to explore Dublin’s cultural offerings from the medieval to the modern periods
  • You wish to enhance your visit to the Book of Kells exhibition with an insightful discussion about the manuscript and its place in Irish history and culture beforehand
  • National Gallery of Ireland - the home of Ireland’s national collection of Irish and European art, including masterpieces from artists such as Jack B. Yeats
  • National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology - museum specializing in Irish antiquities dating from the Stone Age to the Late Middle Ages
  • Book of Kells - an illuminated manuscript and Celtic Gospel book in Latin, famous for the intricacy, detail, and majesty of the illustrations
  • Includes tickets to the Book of Kells exhibition, for you to visit independently at the end of your tour
General Information
  • There will be a break in the tour to stop and use bathroom facilities as well as opportunities to stop and rest along the way if needed. Please communicate any mobility needs or concerns with our team at the time of booking. 
Wheelchair accessibility
  • The National Gallery of Ireland and the Book of Kells exhibition are wheelchair accessible
  • The ground floor of the National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology is accessible but there is no lift to the first floor
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Will we visit the Book of Kells exhibition with our guide?
No, guiding is not allowed at the Book of Kells exhibition, due to crowding there. The clients will visit independently after the tour and the content of the tour will prepare them well for their visit.

Will we get to visit the Long Library?
Yes, this will be part of their independent visit to the Book of Kells exhibition. A redevelopment project is currently (from summer 2023) taking place at the Long Library, meaning that all the books have been removed from the shelves. In November 2023, the Book of Kells will be moved to a separate exhibition space but the Long Library will remain open for visitors (albeit with no books on the shelves).
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Kevin was outstanding. We loved his tour.
The Dublin Art and Culture Tour, led by Kevin, was superb! We learned a lot about Irish history, saw fascinating artifacts and compelling art - and had a lot of fun! Kevin’s knowledge and insights greatly enhanced our visit to Dublin! Thank you to Kevin and everyone at Context!!
Kevin was excellent. Great tour.