Athens Plaka Night Food Tour with Wine Tasting

Enjoy the culinary specialities of Athens' historic Plaka district
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3 hours
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  • Plaka Neighborhood
  • Local Wine bars and cafes
  • Taverna
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  • Enjoy traditional Greek delicacies and local wines while learning about the fascinating past of this neighborhood
  • Explore Plaka's vibrant food scene with a local food expert
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Tour Description
Did you know that archaeologists have found the very first known historical taverna—what the ancients called a canteen or guesthouse with a bar—right in Athens' Ancient Agora, just a few steps from Plaka? 

Experience firsthand the spirit of Greek “Taverna” and roam around the picturesque streets of Plaka, one of the city's oldest neighborhoods. 

Through the picturesque streets of Plaka, beneath the illuminated Parthenon and Acropolis, you will discover the cultural and historical importance of food in Greek civilization. Guided by an experienced food expert, this 3-hour tour will take you on a journey through Greek wine and culinary history and traditions while discovering hidden gems like local tavernas and cafés. 

Starting at Syntagma Square, the heart of Athens' historic center, you'll be transported through Plaka's labyrinth of ancient ruins and neoclassical buildings, unraveling its rich tapestry of history. While savoring Greek wines paired with the finest local cheeses, you'll get fully immersed in this lively neighborhood's cultural significance. 

  • You are interested in an introduction to the city while taking a relaxing evening walk through Athens and learning more about Greek culinary traditions.
  • You're eager to indulge in the true flavors of Athens, tasting local specialties like Mezedes and Greek wines that can only be found in Plaka.
  • You want a private guide to take you where the locals go, and discover the hidden gems of Plaka's historic and vibrant streets. 

  • Plaka neighborhood

  • What You’ll Taste
    • Ouzo, an anise-flavored aperitif, and Tsipouro, a strong after-meal liquor made from grape pomace: the national spirits of Greece. 
    • To accompany your drinks, you will sample some Greek cheese and local appetizers, or Mezedes. Not to be missed is a delicious sweet treat at the end.
    • These tastings do replace a meal.
  • We are taking you to local establishments that are often family-run, hours and availability may vary.
  • Dietary restrictions should be shared in advance in order to possibly adapt the tour. 

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Will I see some of the major monuments on this tour?
Yes, although this tour does not include access to any of the major monuments. Plaka is situated at the base of the Acropolis hill, and in the heart of the archaeological center of the city, so you will walk gazing up at the illuminated Acropolis and the Parthenon.
Can I start this tour earlier in the day? 
This food tour is designed to run in the evening and visit wine bars and restaurants that might not be open during the day. If you’d prefer a morning food tour you can check out our other Athens food tour offering: Athens Food Tour with Varvakios Agora Market.

I have dietary restrictions. Can I take this tour?
We will do our best to accommodate you if you are on a group tour by ordering appropriate items. Taking a private tour would allow us to tailor even more fully to your needs. Please note that if you have severe allergies we cannot guarantee that the foods prepared in restaurant kitchens will not be subject to cross-contamination.

This walk takes place around dinner time. Will the tastings be enough for dinner?
This tour does not include a sit-down dinner. However, a wide variety of tastings will be provided and will be plentiful enough to substitute dinner.

Do we have to pay for the food on-site?
No, the cost of this tour includes the tastings.

We understand that some of our valued guests may have mobility concerns, and we want to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience throughout your tour. If there are any accessibility concerns that your tour guide will need to be aware of, please let our team know at the time of booking.

Is this tour wheelchair-friendly?
In general, yes, although there are some challenges. Athens, particularly the Plaka neighborhood, is not accessible for people with mobility issues. Wheelchair access is extremely difficult, and there are several steps along the way.
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We had a very enjoyable and entertaining evening with Elias. The food and wine were also excellent. What a nice intro to Athens.
Oh Athens! You really tried to interfere and sabotage our excellent Plaka food and wine tasting tour. As we left our hotel and called for a taxi, we were informed by the hotel valet that no taxis were picking up rides to go the meeting square because the Greeks were protesting around the Government square. Leave it to the Greek citizens to protest at the drop of a hat. The hotel didn’t know what the protest was about or what the Greeks were protesting. Thank goodness, we were able to use the subway to arrive on time and communicating with our guide. The wine and food walking tour was excellent. It could have been ugly without the subway. Our guide assisted us to return by subway at the end of our tour.
Our evening was wonderful. Great food. Delicious wine. Marvelous conversations. He made us feel as if we were family. Enjoyed the whole experience!!!