About Elias
Elias was born and grew in Athens and Mesologi, a small town in the west of Greece - a scenic but rather tired fishermen town that carries a heavy historic load. There, one day in high school, the new history teacher came in and in her opening statement she used a phrase that would haunt Elias forever : “He, who doesn’t know the how and why of the last 3000 years, lives in the darkness of ignorance, from one day to the next.”, by Goethe. He instantly became a history buff but soon he was lured by the sirens of Political and Economic Sciences. Then, his academic Odyssey passed the turbulent waters of the Greek economic crisis that swept him to the island and University of Crete, where he finished his MSc in Economic Theory and Policy. While studying, he started working as a tour leader for groups of travelers and his passion for history was finally put to practise. By the time he was writing his thesis, on the “Rhetoric of economics and its performative aspects”, he already knew that he needed a break from academia, towards experiencial knowledge. After travelling around the globe for some years, he realised the value of a good tour guide and made it his goal to become one. He enrolled in the National School of Licenced Guides and for the last years he has been working with English and French speaking guests from all around the world. When not working or travelling, he studies for a potential PhD, practises aerial acrobatics, gymnastics and yoga, plays with his friends and cat, searches for that perfect wine and tries to lead an Epicurean lifestyle.
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