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3 hours
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  • Acropolis
  • Parthenon
  • Acropolis Museum
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  • Hosted by a local expert, your family will create memories that last a lifetime as you experience the splendor of the Acropolis complex
  • This tour aims to bring the Ancient Greece to life for younger learners, and also includes discussions of Greek drama, Bacchus, the Panathenaic Festival, and mythical creatures.
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What was a sacrifice? How was it done? Why was it done? In this three-hour Acropolis for kids tour, we'll explore these questions and more as we wander through the ruins of the Acropolis and piece together a portrait of ancient Athenian society. Along the way, stories will come alive and help us explore the role of rites and rituals during antiquity.
  • Acropolis
  • Acropolis Museum
  • 3 hours with a Ph.D. or MA-level guide
  • Tickets to the Acropolis Archaeological Site and the Acropolis Museum
    • While your visit includes advance reservations to the museums, you will need to pass through the security checkpoint. Therefore, you may spend some time at the beginning of the tour waiting in the reserved entry line while your guide will provide an overview and contextualization for the tour.
    • The Acropolis archaeological site tickets don't include the Acropolis Museum, that's why we purchase a different ticket for the Acropolis Museum.
We'll begin with a visit to the theater of Dionysus on the south slope of the Acropolis. Festivals of ancient drama took place here, including those of the famous tragedians Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides. We'll look at how Greek drama was intrinsically connected with the cults of the god Dionysus. Thus we will talk not only about the annual festivals, but also about the actual rites of Bacchus, the maenads, and the ecstasy that worshippers aimed to achieve.
We will then walk up the hill of the Acropolis, where we will discuss myths and rites associated with the gods worshipped there, such as the contest between Athena and Poseidon over the tutelage of Athens. Walking along the Panathenaic Way we will discuss the Panathenaic Festival, a celebration in honor of Athena in which Athenian maidens would carry a robe to the goddess and place it on her cult statue in the Erechtheion. 

After visiting these archaeological icons, we will head to the Acropolis Museum to learn more about mythical creatures, and other myths from the antiquity that will be of particular interest to younger learners. Using the theme of rites and rituals to guide us, this walk introduces children and their parents to the Acropolis and ancient Athenian society.

Ahead of this tour, you may want to read our post on how to Visit the Acropolis.

  • While your visit includes advance reservations, the Acropolis is an extremely popular site. Therefore, you will have to pass through the security checkpoint and you may spend some time waiting in the reserved entry line. Your guide will provide an overview and contextualization during this time.
  • In the summer, our afternoon tours offer the chance to witness the Acropolis at its most stunning, accompanied by the enchanting sunset views of Athens and an escape from the heat and crowds. It's an unforgettable experience suitable for the whole family.
What is the Athens Archaeological Site ticket and how does it work?
The Athens Archaeological Site tickets are valid for admission to Acropolis and Slopes. It doesn't include the Acropolis Museum, that's why we purchase a different ticket for the Acropolis Museum. 

If children under 18 qualify for reduced Acropolis Museum tickets, why am I required to purchase a ticket for my child?
While children may enter for free, they are required to purchase the reduced ticket only on-site and stand in the general entrance line if they do so. In order to save time and expedite the tour, we purchase tickets in advance so they may enter as quickly as possible. This avoids the queue to verify children's ages. When booking privately, however, if you would like to take advantage of the reduced ticket option for under-18s please note this as you place your order and be prepared to wait in line.

Can I bring a stroller?
No. Strollers are not permitted within the Acropolis archaeological site. There is a stroller check at certain entrances, but not at the entrance closest to our meeting point. We advise you to leave your stroller at the hotel for this tour! 

Is this tour wheelchair friendly or accessible for limited mobility clients?
Yes. The Acropolis has made certain efforts to allow access to clients of varying levels of mobility. Clients who think they will need elevator access to avoid the numerous stairs should come prepared with a justification of disability-anything from a disability card or placard to a signed doctor's note will suffice.

There are 10 in my family but your website won't allow me to include more than 9 participants. Can't you make an exception?
The sites we visit currently do not allow groups larger than 9.
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Elias is the most knowledgeable guide we could have asked for. He engaged my grandson in every conversation, never talking down to him but treating him as he would any adult tourist. We learned so much and also enjoyed his sense of humor. He was also very patient with my pace which was a bit slower than the rest of the family. Thank you Elias you are a gem!
Our guide had a big challenge with our family as both our children were quite out of sorts for very different reasons. Sophia was absolutely wonderful with both of them and with our whole family! She went out of her way to engage each of our children specific to their challenges and interests. She is extremely knowledgeable and if we had more time, we would have done another tour with her. Sophia truly made our Acropolis visit an experience we will never forget. We are so happy we chose to have a guided tour as we would not have been in a position to learn so much and to get the most out of our visit. Thank you Sophia!
An absolute must with children. We have a 10 year old and he loved it!!!