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The center of Ancient and Modern Greece, and the birthplace of Western culture as we know it, Athens has been built on layers of history, piled—literally—on top of each other.
With nearly 3000 years of continuous history, Athens is a marvel. Whether it's an archeological study of ancient Greek artifacts at the Acropolis, an in-depth look at the days of Socrates, or a view into contemporary Greek cuisine and politics, there’s no better place to learn than the complex maze that is the Greek capital. Discover the spirit of Athens with Context's private and small group guided tours.

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Athens Private and Guided Tours

The guides who lead our private and small group guided tours in Athens are archaeologists, historians, and other experts. We offer a wide array of options. Are you a family? We offer family tours, including the Acropolis For Kids, which helps to bring to life to a site that can come off as staid for younger visitors, and our Athens for Kids Tour of the National Archaeology Museum—both of which are led by our experts trained to help immerse younger audiences in the times of the ancient Greeks. Looking for something unusual? Visit Plato's Academy on our Socrates in Athens Tour, explore Byzantine Athens Churches, or discover the modern city on our Athens Architecture Tour, which dives headfirst into exposing how the different layers of history coexist, and even interact, with one another in this city. Among our favorite Athens private tours, however, is our Contemporary Athens in Context, which shines a light on contemporary politics and the ongoing impact of modern Greek history, from Nazi occupation to the financial crisis.
What Context Athens Travelers Say
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Sophia was an amazing guide, not only her English was very fluent and clear, but her knowledge and detail to her tour was exceptional. She was engaging, just explaining enough and had the amazing detail to tailor our tour with a historic and marathoner perspective when she perceived this was our main interest.
Well planned tour! Gave us great insight into the history and traditions of local foods. Our guide Nikitas was exceptional. He is knowledgeable with a great sense of humor and incredible relationships with local food vendors. The trip was well planned covering many locations without rushing us. We did not have plans following the tour so Nikitas spent extra time with us in the Food Market. We completed 3 Context tours in a 4 day stay. Each one was exceptional.
Alex is a tremendous guide/host. He is warm, helpful and very knowledgeable. All of our context guides have added tremendous value to the trips. I do have a significant suggestion regarding Acropolis tickets. Short version - we read comments on Context about the tickets for Acropolis and everyone was confused about using the City Museum ticket on the Context Tour. 3 telephone calls to Context resulted in 3 different answers. Each person was helpful and polite and had to check with someone else. No one was sure if a ticket purchased prior to the trip would would in the skip the line tour. The last person told me it was favorable to purchase the tickets through Context for both the Acropolis and the museum. I said yes but when we arrived today for the tour (with 6 people) the guide said that his directions were that we had to purchase the tickets. The most interesting part was that the ticket prices were discounted 50% as of 11/1 so buying $30 tickets would have wasted $$. Our confirmation email also said our tickets were prepaid. It was not crowded today so timed tickets did not matter. My suggestion is to get simple accurate information regarding this trip on the website and have all reps give the same answer. For our Agora trip the info was clear and helpful. Tour guests will be required to purchase individual tickets for museums approx $20 per guest. Tour guides will give guests suggestions for buying various ticket package options. Worked perfectly. Looking forward to our Beyond Feta tour on Monday.