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Follow the traces of past civilizations and empires
Located on the edge of Europe and Asia, Greece and Turkey straddle two worlds. For Greece, it’s antiquity and modernity—its capital Athens, as well as its many islands, boast ruins of the ancient Greek civilization that spawned many Western fields of thought, including philosophy, mathematics, politics, science, and theater.

Turkey’s dual nature comes out of its geography: it’s split between the European and Asian continents, and this mix of different cultures shaped Turkey’s ’s history. Most notably, the country was dominated by the Ottoman Empire, which controlled parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe from the 14th until the early 20th centuries. Their former glory is reflected in the eastern and western influences found in Istanbul. 
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This was an exceptional way to spend an afternoon in Athens. Georgia was knowledgeable and personable, and a great guide for our philosophical and actual wanderings in Plato's old Academic backyard. She probed and asked questions of us -- ah, we see what you are doing there, Georgia. Very Socratic of you. It was the perfect change from the lectures and speeches we'd been getting on our cruise all week. Thank you! We are very Happy that we had the opportunity to enjoy this tour.
Popi was a great guide. We really enjoyed our tour with her!
Sophia was very knowledgeable and able to navigate through the crowd. As a senior citizen, it would be nice to have a couple of five minute stops to catch our breaths and regain stamina!