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Greek Islands Private Tours and Greek Islands Small Group Tours

Greek Islands Private and Small Group Guided Tours

Ancient archaeology, vibrant villages, world-class olive oil, and exciting local wines, there is much more to the Greek Islands than just another beautiful beach! Explore the islands of the Aegean Sea with a Context expert.
Whether visiting as a day trip from a cruise ship or as part of an extended stay on one island, our Greek Islands private tours offer a range of sites and activities for all ages and interests. With 6,000 islands to choose from, there is something for everyone. Learn about the original inhabitants of these scenic, and strategically placed, islands: as early as 3000 BC, ancient Cycladic and Minoan civilizations called the archipelago home. We can trace the long years of foreign rule - Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian rulers left their imprint on the islands. On one of our Greek Islands private tours, together with a local historian or archaeologist, we will dive into the history of this picturesque archipelago and gain understanding of the role of this network of islands to the development of Western civilization as we know it today. 

Don't see the island you are looking for? Talk to our expert planners about custom and multi-day options on Crete, Mykonos, Santorini and beyond at +1 (800) 691-8328.

Greek Islands Private Tours and Greek Islands Small Group Tours

Each island has its own unique character and charm. From the cooling breezes and sweeping vistas of Mykonos to the dramatic black volcanic sand beaches of Santorini to the traditional villages that feel lost in time on Crete, the array of island options is staggering. We have made a selection that offers the best of the best: Mykonos, Santorini and Crete offer breathtaking scenery, fascinating archaeological and historical sites, traditional foods and delicious wines. On our Greek Islands private tours, our local experts will take you off the beaten track, away from the crowds, to get below the surface of these magical isles. Our team of expert planners will work with you to design a tour that fits your interests and time frame, from a half-day walking tour to a multi-day itinerary to cover all the highlights.