About Anthi
Anthi is a professor of Classical archaeology and history and a licensed tour guide. As an Oxford University alumna (MA, Ph.D.), she has built a solid academic background in ancient Greek culture. She pursue research on the narration and interpretation of myths in visual art and literature, as well as on gender roles in ancient Greece, the archaeology of Greek theater, and cultural exchange in the eastern Mediterranean. She has published extensively in international scientific journals and presented her research at numerous conferences around the world (several of her recent articles are available at https://oxford.academia.edu/AnthiDipla ). She has been involved in excavations and joined scientific projects, while she has been teaching as an adjunct professor at several universities in Greece and abroad (Cyprus, Turkey, the UK, and the USA). Throughout her career, she has been actively involved in public outreach, participating in documentaries and TV/radio broadcasts, as an academic guest speaker and a scientific advisor. Her true passion, though, lies in conveying refined knowledge in a fun, entertaining, and interactive way to her guests, inviting them to breathe in the air of a new place, unlock the silence of ruins, wonder, observe, imagine, visualize, and ultimately open a dynamic dialogue with the past and present of Greece! Interests: traveling, reading, theater, music, flamenco dance, animal welfare ethics, and activism. Languages: Greek, English (fluent), German (advanced), French, Spanish, Turkish (elementary).
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