Bronze, Marble and Gold: Paragons of Ancient Greece

Explore ancient Greek treasures with an expert guide
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3 hours
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  • Detailed exploration of the world’s greatest collection of ancient Greek artifacts
  • Led by an archaeologist
  • National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Jockey of Artemision, Collection of Kouros and Kore, Poseidon of Cape Artemision, and Mask of Agamemnon
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We traveled annually around the civilized world. We mostly engaged private guides where the sites are complex, such as the National Archeological Museum in Athens. Panos was amongst the best ever guide. He was totally knowledgeable in responding to my searching questions, had an ease is explaining complexity in prehistoric and classical culture, and didn't abandon us when the allotted duration of the tour expired. Moreover, his enthusiasm for the material was delightful. Highly recommended.
Demetra is a superior guide. One recommendation for Context, not specific to this tour: your customers pay ALOT of money to go on a Context tour, far more than standard local tours. You know that. So…….would it break Context’s heart to include the cost of museum tickets in the package?
Dynamic guide Thoroughly knows her subject and is very charming!