About Marina
Marina was born and raised in Athens. A childhood memory to which she still holds dear is visiting her grandparents’ house and enjoying together the stunning view of the Parthenon and the Acropolis rock. She attended a French school, and she graduated from the French Language and Literature Department of the University of Athens. Being multilingual and an extrovert, she decided to become a travel consultant. She also holds a Bachelor of Hispanic Language and Civilization degree from the Hellenic Open University. She has traveled to more than forty countries in Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and the Far East for either the pleasure of exploring or for business purposes as part of her fifteen-year-old career in the travel industry. Her constant need to broaden her knowledge and interact with travelers, making their experience worthy, led her to the decision to become a licensed tourist guide. To that end, she completed two years of courses in archaeology, history (ancient, byzantine, and contemporary), arts, and architecture at the National School of Tourist Guides operated by the Greek Ministry of Tourism. The courses included field trips to all the main archaeological sites in Greece. Ever since she has worked full-time as a licensed English and Spanish-speaking tourist guide, she looks forward to welcoming you to Greece and sharing with you her passion for the history, myths, arts, and culinary traditions of her country.
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