About Amaryllis
Amaryllis studied Turkish Studies and Political Science at the University of Cyprus in Nicosia. She continued with a Master's in European Studies in Berlin, Germany, and proceeded to a PhD in Contemporary Greek History at teh Panteion University in Athens. Her field of expertise is religion and politics during the Second World War and the Greek Civil War. After having lived in several countries for over ten years, she returned to Athens, where she now works as a full-time guide. She attends seminars and conferences related to Greek history, follows current archaeological research, and, when she has time, she explores the old and new hubs of the city with family and friends. Passionate about languages and people, Amaryllis is fluent in English, French, German and Turkish. Her ambition is to indulge travelers in a historical trip from ancient to modern times, not only through dates and names, but mostly through the art of storytelling.
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