Barcelona Food Tour: La Boqueria Market

Get a taste of Barcelona's famed cuisine with a visit to La Boqueria market and other speciality food shops
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Barcelona’s vibrant La Boqueria market attracts Michelin-starred chefs and local grandmothers equally. As the center of the city's food scene and epicenter of Catalan gastronomy, the Boqueria offers an unparalleled opportunity to experience the sights, smells, and tastes of gastronomic Barcelona. On this 3-hour La Boqueria Market tour, we'll explore the market and nearby specialty food shops, tracing the history of food in this culinary city. In the company of a chef or food writer, we'll get a basic overview of regional Catalan gastronomy while tasting local specialties. 

Barcelona Food Tour in La Boqueria Market

We begin by getting a foundation of Catalan culinary traditions, usually over a cup of traditional hot chocolate at a historic dairy. We'll then move on to La Boqueria, which, although it's now located in newer buildings, was established in the 13th century, making it one of Europe’s oldest markets. We’ll discuss the long history of public markets in Barcelona, from the medieval period to their revitalization in the 1990s.

La Boqueria Market with an Expert

We’ll spend the majority of our time together under the glistening canopy of La Boqueria itself. We’ll venture into the briny, wet stands where fresh fish, shellfish, and an array of mollusks are arranged over beds of ice. We'll stop to examine freshly hunted wild mushrooms or to inhale the salty aromas of cured jamon and embotits. We may sample typical dishes at such famed tapas bars as Pinotxo (for those wanting a closer look at Barcelona's tapas culture, we recommend our Barcelona Tapas Tour). Along the way, our expert guide, a trained food critic, chef, or local historian, will explain some of the origins and provenance of these foods against the backdrop of Catalonia’s rich culinary history and diverse geography.
"We learned so much about Barcelona's traditions and typical food from the region. Our guide gave us a better understanding of the city, its history, and its cuisine."
Catalan cuisine is as innovative as it is economical: No part of the animal is thrown out. Unusual combinations like rabbit with snails (conejo con caracoles) or pigs feet with nuts and peas (pies de cerdo con piñones y guisantes) illustrate the experiments of ancient Catalan cooks. From this lineage of contrasting flavor profiles and economical exploits, Catalonia leads the world in culinary innovation, boasting many Michelin star restaurants and forging new frontiers in molecular gastronomy.

Barcelona Food Tour

Time permitting and depending on the stands we visit inside La Boqueria Market, we may visit a selection of specialty food shops in El Raval and the Gothic Quarter or a modern market building, which contrasts the busier, more visited Boqueria. We may also discuss notable restaurants specializing in “market cuisine” to highlight the interplay between market and restaurant, produce and chef.
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Please note any food allergies or intolerances in the Notes box when booking. 

FAQ About the La Boqueria Market Tour

Is this tour suitable for vegetarians? 
Though Catalan food is traditionally meat- and seafood-based, we will taste some items that do not contain animal products.

Is this tour wheelchair accessible?
Some of the shops we visit are small, and many will have a step up to access them. The general route may include small streets with narrow sidewalks; please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding accessibility.
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What a fun market - filled with all sorts of food items. We initially wanted to do this with a guide to truly learn about the market and the food. We learned about the acorn fed iberico pigs and tried their delicious ham with some manchego. Tasted some chocolate candy and nougat (ended up bringing some home!) and then Alessandro introduced my 15 year old to his now favorite, and impossible to get in the states, chocolate milk - Cacaolat. And a burrito from the market. Not exactly local, but he was happy. Alessandro made an overwhelming experience fun and entertaining. Exactly what we were looking for!
Brendan was great and had a perfect selection of spots to take us on our food tour. The history and sense of place really came out on our tour and we went to some off the beaten path spots that were well worth exploring. Brendon is very knowledgeable and also committed to providing an excellent experience for his guests!
Theresa was fabulous and fun to be with.