About Vicky
Vicky has a Latin heart with Greek origins, embodying a rich cultural blend. Over the years, she has guided groups across the globe, but it was Barcelona that captured her heart like no other, prompting her decision to make it her new home. Her journey led her to the vibrant streets of Barcelona, a city she now calls her own. This transition also marked the perfect juncture for her to embark on a PhD in tourism, building upon her foundation of a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Tourism Administration. Her passion for imparting knowledge and sharing her diverse experiences finds its truest expression in connecting with fellow travelers. The charm of exploring new cultures, forging connections with people from all over the world, and savoring local delicacies holds an enchanting appeal for her. Every day, Vicky immerses herself in the city's tapestry, uncovering its hidden jewels and priceless treasures, while indulging in the tantalizing delights of Catalan cuisine. This ritual is not just routine; it's an integral part of her life. With genuine enthusiasm, she eagerly anticipates the opportunity to unveil Barcelona's spellbinding allure and captivating charisma to you.
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