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Barcelona Chocolate Tour

Taste your way through the fascinating culinary history of chocolate in Barcelona (and Europe!)
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  • Learn about the city's sweet legacy of chocolate and confections
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Over the course of our 3-hour private chocolate tour in Barcelona, we will sample traditional delicacies while weaving a narrative of chocolate in the city led by our expert guide. Together, we will discover the ways in which chocolate elevates Catalan daily life and highlights its unique cultural identity. As our walk comes to a close, we will come away with an understanding of the history of chocolate in this Spanish seaside city and the various traditional Catalan desserts to enjoy in Barcelona.

Europe's infatuation with chocolate began in Barcelona. Indeed, it can be said that the world's love of cocoa began when Christopher Columbus returned to the port of Barcelona from the Americas, cocoa beans in tow. In this 3-hour private Barcelona chocolate tour, we dive into the history, culture, and process of chocolate making in one of the world's best chocolate cities. Along the way, we'll visit some of the city's most esteemed chocolate makers (with plenty of tastings), uncovering the treat's history and learning what it takes to make some of the world's best chocolate.

Taste Spanish Chocolate in Barcelona

Beginning at the port of Barcelona, where Christopher Columbus allegedly landed with a fist full of dried cacao beans, we will trace the sweet legacy of chocolate and confections throughout Barcelona’s history. In 1493, Columbus returned to Spain a conquering hero. Along with tales of the rich, plentiful land in the New World, he brought back the dried cacao beans, which had made a dramatic impression upon him in the Americas. While cacao made the Trans-Atlantic crossing, it was Spanish influence that transformed this simple bean into the global sensation that is known as chocolate today. Whereas the Aztecs drank the beverage as a cool, bitter drink flavored with chili peppers, Europeans quickly turned towards warming the chocolate and adding copious amounts of sugar. Chocolate, as it became known, quickly conquered the hearts of the Spanish royal court and their citizens alike. As a result, Barcelona instituted the merienda, similar to English tea. Together, we will head to one of Barcelona's top chocolate cafes to experience merienda and sample some Catalan sweet treats for ourselves. 

Hunt for the Best Chocolate in Barcelona

From its quiet beginnings to its global dominance as an affordable luxury item, chocolate has shaped Barcelona’s culinary landscape. Connecting chocolate's past to its present, we will explore the world of modern confections and pastries on our private chocolate tour. We may sample liquor-filled bonbons, bite into freshly fried churros, or buy chocolate in various places. As we sit down for merienda, we will compare and contrast the differences between Barcelona's ornate Modernista cafes and the humbler granjas. For decades, both types of cafes provided meeting points for artists, dancers, poets, politicians, and everyday people, serving a rich array of delicate pastries and an assortment of sweet and caffeinated drinks. As we taste our treats, we will discuss how chocolate became a beloved ingredient in Catalan cuisine across the city's social classes. Whether you prefer a traditional ensaimada, baked with lard, or favor the bold, new trends of flavors of chocolate mixed with wasabi, Barcelona’s chocolate café culture is still felt everyday.
"The history of chocolate is particularly fitting for Barcelona, and the diversity of the products was delightful. I never thought I would say this, but even I couldn't eat all that chocolate."
I have a food allergy. Can I take this tour? We can accommodate participants who have food allergies, including those with an allergy to nuts. You must inform us of any relevant food allergies at the time of booking.

Is this tour wheelchair accessible? Some of the shops we visit are small and many will have a step up to access them. The general route may include small streets with narrow sidewalks; please contact us if you have any questions regarding accessibility. 
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Teresa did a great job making it both fun and interesting. She even helped us with a quick stop to get a made in Barcelona purse.
We had a fabulous time with Tate on the Barcelona Chocolate tour! Tate was very knowledgeable and a lot of fun. We learned about the history of chocolate, sampled chocolate, and sampled Barcelonian sweets and drinks while walking through Barcelona's Old Town. It was a memorable afternoon. I highly recommend this tour!
Esther was excellent. She was very knowledgeable and kind (and great with our kids).

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