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3 hours
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  • Dohany (Great) Synagogue
  • Kazinczy Orthodox Synagogue
  • Rumbach Street Synagogue
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During this discovery of Jewish Budapest, you'll explore the 7th district, located at the heart of Pest, unveiling the narrative of Jewish settlement from the mid-18th century to the present. You will wander through narrow streets branching off the main boulevards, where you'll discover remnants of the 19th-century Jewish neighborhood, featuring old silver shops, kosher butchers, charming eateries, prayer houses, and hidden synagogues. You will also discover how these same streets and buildings transformed into a focal point of Budapest's nightlife, showcasing the intriguing transition to ruin bars and pubs.

You will spend time at the meticulously restored Dohany Synagogue, a masterpiece by renowned architect Ludwig Förster, and fully experience the memorial garden, graveyard and smaller synagogue within. You will also have a chance to stop in a modern café still serving one of the quintessential Jewish-Hungarian traditional pastries, flódni. Passing by to admire the exterior of two more significant synagogues, and learn about the architectural influences of Otto Wagner, you will gain a fuller understanding of the significant presence of Judaism in the city. 

You will also stop into the Rumbach and Kazinzcy synagogues, giving a full view of the three contrasting styles of synagogues in the city. 

By the end of this immersive experience, you'll develop a profound understanding of the historical and cultural significance of Jews in Budapest and Hungary, placing their contribution to the city's social development within a broader European and global framework.

  • You seek a deeper understanding of the history and cultural life of Jews in Budapest and Hungary.
  • You enjoy wandering through urban neighborhoods in search of unique streets, buildings and cafés. 
  • If you're traveling with children under the age of 12, we recommend our Introduction to Budapest, or Budapest Castle District tours. 

  • Dohany Synagogue -  the Great Synagogue in Budapest, built in the Moorish Revival style. 
  • Rumbach Synagogue- an homage to the style of the Dome of the Rock shrine in Jerusalem. 
  • Kazinczy Synagogue- built in the Art Nouveau style, a prime example of Hungarian pre-WWI synagogue architecture. 
General Information
  • There will be a break in the tour to stop for a coffee and pastry, and use bathroom facilities. There will also be opportunities to stop and rest along the way if needed. Please communicate any mobility needs or concerns with our team at the time of booking. 
  • Includes tickets to Dohany Synagogue

Wheelchair accessibility
  • Dohany Synagogue is wheelchair accessible, and the general neighborhood is wheelchair friendly. 
Is there a dress code to respect when we visit synagogues?
Yes, please come in clothing that covers the shoulders, breasts, and knees. Alternatively, you can bring a scarf or another change of clothes that you can wear before entering the visit at the synagogues.
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Your was excellent. We loved Greta! So much knowledge and passion. I learned a ton and had fun!
Esther was wonderful. She tailored the tour towards what we were most interesting in. She answered all our questions. We would totally recommend her for anyone wanting to learn more about Jews in Hungary.
Daniel gave us an excellent tour--very knowledgeable and engaging. We recommend him highly.