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  • Sehzade Camii
  • Suleymaniye Camii
  • Rustem Pasha Camii
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  • Explore what makes up Istanbul's lively skyline complete with some of the world's most beautiful mosques
  • Led by an expert or architect
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The curve of mosque domes and the punctuation of minarets enliven Istanbul’s skyline. Glistening gray along the Bosphorus, many of the most impressive mosques in the city were designed by one man: Mimar Sinan. His still-stunning structures provide a key to understanding Islam, Ottoman architecture, and the Golden Age of an empire. Led by an architect or historian, this Istanbul Architecture Tour explores the history and significance of Sinan’s masterpieces, providing a frame through which to better understand the history of the city itself.

Istanbul Mosque Tour

Our walk begins with the mosque complex of the Sehzade Camii. Here we'll discuss the role of Islam in architecture and the basic components of mosques and their decoration. We'll consider the motif and design of the buildings themselves, explore the interior of the mosque and its gardens, and spend time laying the groundwork for visually understanding Islamic architecture. We'll also examine how palace politics and an expanding empire impacted the urban fabric of this vibrant city.

For more on palace politics, try our Topkapi Palace Tour.

The Envy Of The World

We’ll move on to Suleymaniye Mosque, widely considered to be Mimar Sinan’s most impressive in the city. The sprawling complex contains many fascinating buildings, including the mausoleum of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. This will give us a chance to discuss the figure of Suleyman and the ways in which Istanbul was transformed during this period into the envy of the world. From there, we will move on to a third mosque, Rustem Pasha Camii Mosque, and explore exquisite Iznik tilework. This affords us an opportunity to discuss the politics, propaganda, and empire-building of this crucial period in Ottoman history.

To see another stunning mosque initially constructed as a cathedral, try our Hagia Sophia Tour.

Note: These mosques are all functioning holy sites. When entering a mosque we will be required to remove our shoes. As well, we may be interrupted during our walk by a call to prayer, which will provide an interesting example of the continued function of these magnificent spaces. Participants should wear long trousers or skirts, as shorts and short skirts are considered inappropriate in mosques. We also recommend that female participants bring some hair covering that can be employed inside mosques but removed when walking from one to the other. A lightweight scarf is perfect for this. For more, see our guide on how to visit a mosque.


Is there a dress code for your tours in Istanbul?
Yes, sites visited on this tour are considered holy places. Shoulders and knees must be covered. Dresses and shorts must be below knee level, and shoulders must be covered (zip-on jackets or scarves are acceptable). We recommend bringing along scarves or shawls to be able to cover those body parts.
These rules may seem unduly strict, but remember, you are a guest visiting sites regarded as religious sanctuaries.

Is this tour suitable for children? This tour isn’t part of our official family program, however, we can assign a family-friendly guide for family tours. Families may prefer to book our Topkapi Palace Tour for Kids, which has been specifically designed to engage younger learners.

Is this tour suitable for visitors with mobility issues? When it comes to mobility issues, this experience is not walking intensive but between the Suleymaniye and Rustem Pasha Camii mosques, it’s downhill on a narrow and crowded street. We recommend that clients with mobility issues contact us so we can create a tour adapted to your concerns.
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What a wonderful experience! We learn so much from Nur. She is a very competent and knowledgeable guide. We were taken through Istanbul's history, architecture, religion in a way that we could not have done on our own.
Ebru was fantastic. She organised the best tour for us, we skipped all the lines and saw some real hidden gems
Nur was very friendly and flexible, going beyond the initially planned itinerary. It was a pleasure to walk through the streets of Istanbul in her company.

Discover the Elegance of Istanbul's Ottoman Architecture

Embark on a journey through time with our Istanbul Ottoman Architecture Tour, where history and art come alive in the heart of Istanbul. This tour dives deep into the grandeur of Ottoman architecture, offering you an educational and immersive experience like no other. Guided by our expert historians and architects, you'll explore iconic landmarks such as the stunning Blue Mosque, the opulent Topkapi Palace, and the intricate details of the Suleymaniye Mosque.

Our Istanbul Ottoman Architecture Tour is designed for those who seek more than just sightseeing. You'll gain insightful knowledge about the cultural and historical significance of each site, uncovering stories of the sultans and artisans who shaped the city's skyline. This personalized tour ensures that your interests lead the way, providing a unique and tailored experience.

Context Travel is committed to sustainability and cultural preservation. Our small group sizes minimize our footprint, allowing for a more intimate and respectful exploration of these historic sites. Join us and discover how the elegance of Ottoman architecture has influenced Istanbul’s identity, making this tour an unforgettable addition to your travel journey.