About Suleyman
Born and raised in the first Ottoman capital, Bursa, the city under Mount Olympus, Suleyman was naturally attracted to Ottoman history at a young age by his surroundıngs. As a successful young math and physics student, he was steered toward engıneerıng and business as a career path, but his true passion was history and he made a point of visiting every historical site in Turkey to explore its rich mosaic of civilizations. After a degree in finance and business, Suleyman worked with student exchange programs which together with his fluency in English and deep love of Turkish cultural heritage brought him naturally to tour guiding. Since 1995 he has shared his passion for Turkey with visitors from around the world. He is also a bonafide foodie and set up a vineyard in Cappadocia, reintroducing Syrah vines to the region. His unquenchable curiosity continues to propel him on his quest to understand the complexities of Turkey’s long history.
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