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About Reyan
Born in the Aegean city of Izmir, Reyan studied English Language and Literature at Istanbul’s Bosphorus University and received her master’s degree in Documentary Production at the Northern Media School in England. She has worked for various newspapers and magazines as a reporter/editor and has traveled all around Anatolia, the Turkish heartland for the travel supplement of one of the best selling Turkish newspaper, Hürriyet. Amongst some of the magazines she wrote for is National Geographic, Turkey. Reyan worked as a producer- researcher for foreign TV channels, such as BBC, Finnish TV YLE and also worked as a script writer/ researcher in various documentaries filmed in Turkey and abroad on travel and different cultures of the world. She traveled and worked as Asst. Expedition Leader with Starquest Expeditions based in Seattle, USA, for their expeditions ‘’Around The World By Private Jet’’. She also acted as an advisor for TRT (Turkish State Television) for their documentary series. She has been working as a professional tourist guide since 1989 and has a certificate of specialization on Istanbul. She herself enjoys to walk in Istanbul discovering new routes for her guiding, photography and culinary purposes. She not only sees Istanbul as a historical treasure while reflecting that on her tours but a great destination to get an insight into the lifestyle, culture and culinary traditions of the people of Turkey in depth and likes to share this as a complete experience with her guests. Her interest in the social issues in her own country and the world led her in the way of becoming an independent documentary maker. Her documentaries still continue to be screened at many film festivals in Turkey and around the world, receiving some awards. Reyan Tuvi has three guide books on Turkey, is still writing feature stories, travel articles, continuing shooting documentaries and sharing her passion for her country through guiding.
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