Ancient Naples Archaeology Tour with San Lorenzo

Go below the city streets to uncover Naples' ancient past
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2 hours
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  • San Lorenzo Maggiore
  • Il Gesù Nuovo
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  • Explore the complex history of subterranean Naples complete with a visit to an archaeological site beneath San Lorenzo
  • Led by an archaeologist
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Tour Description
Naples is a city whose roots run deep. In fact, its complex history is so profound that only a visit beneath the present-day city surface will uncover the complete picture. During this two-hour Naples Underground Tour we will explore a series of spaces unassumingly scattered throughout the historical center and learn from an archaeologist how to peel back the layers of urban history to uncover the enigmatic past of this city.

Naples Underground Tour

We begin with a stroll through the lively streets of the city center that still follow the decumani, or ancient Roman roads, originally laid out 2000 years ago. Although long sunken beneath Naples' modern, chaotic streetscape, in the company of our guide, a trained archaeologist, we will acquire the skill of teasing out clues of the city's ancient past from its contemporary layout. We'll also use this time to paint a picture of ancient Naples and its role in the Roman empire.

Below Ground

Located just off the via Tribunali, the decumanus maximus are the excavations underneath the Gothic church of San Lorenzo Maggiore where Naples' ancient forum once lay. This is one of the key places to view the leftover traces of the ancient city. We'll descend underground and explore this archaeological complex, which has both Greek and Roman roots. We'll discuss the role of the Greek Agora, then subsequently the Roman Forum, in civic and commercial life during antiquity.

Putting the Pieces Together

There is much to explore here, including ancient city streets that date from the 1st and 3rd centuries BCE and a wide range of ruined buildings, including the aerarium, where the city's riches were held, an ancient bakery and laundry, and the suggestive cryptoporticus, or covered passageway. Our guide will use these archaeological bits and pieces to weave together a portrait of ancient life in Naples. What would it have been like as a shop owner or slave in this society? What would my daily routine been, and how was the larger social structure set up?

Take Aways

By the end of this walk, we will have a much clearer understanding of the evolution of Naples as a city, as well as a deep appreciation for its current attempts to salvage its priceless links to an illustrious past. For those with a deep interest in antiquities, we also suggest our Naples Archaeological Museum Tour and our Mount Vesuvius Tour.
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Context is always available and helpful. I think they are one of the best guide services available. Roberta, our context guide, was great. Knowledgable, helpful and pleasant. I highly recommend her .
Fabrizio was an excellent guide through ancient Naples! Thank you for orienting us to the history and geography of Naples.
Guide! Lots of knowledge and passion! Just be sure to see if your groups have other tours scheduled the same day to not repeat. But fabrizzio adapted to our needs!