About Fabrizio
Fabrizio holds a Research Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Architectural Design Theory with a dissertation on Louis I. Kahn’s teaching activity at Yale and at Penn. He graduated in Architecture with an Urban Design project focusing on the relationship between Archaeology & Architecture in the Phlegraean Fields, a large volcanic area situated to the west of Naples. Between 1999-2005 he taught as Visiting Professor of Building Types in the studio of Design of Building Systems of the Bari Polythecnic. For the last eighteen years Fabrizio has been working on a freelance basis as Exhibition Coordinator and Designer, Art Producer and, on occasions, as Curator for contemporary art. In this capacity, he has collaborated with galleries and various private and public cultural institutions such as Hangar Bicocca in Milano, Madre and Capodimonte Museums in Naples, Metropolitana di Napoli, CAC Malaga and Lia Rumma Gallery in Naples and Milan and with the Studio Trisorio in Naples. Fabrizio has worked in close collaboration with more than 30 artists of different generations and countries. In this role, he has carried out all kinds of research activities, designed displays and the layout of shows, coordinated the production of artworks and the mounting of exhibitions and public art installations and providing welcoming and on site assistance for these artists while they were working in Naples, Milan, Venice and Rome. Fabrizio is currently assisting artist - photographer Robert Polidori in his longstanding exploration of the psycho-emotional aspects of architecture and interior spaces in (so far) 3 years shooting of the archaeological sites of the region as part of the Pompeii Commitment Project in collaboration with the Archaeological Park of Pompeii.
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