American Museum of Natural History Tour: A Guided Crash Course with Skip-the-Line Tickets

Discover the history of the natural world, its inhabitants, and the Universe with a specialist
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American Museum of Natural History
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  • Explore the American Museum of Natural History with a historian, scientist, or museum specialist.
  • Includes skip-the-line ticket.
Tour Description
The American Museum of Natural History is among one of the largest natural history museums in the world. Its collection houses massive T. Rex skeletons, a 15.5 ton meteorite, and animal dioramas from across the globe. During this 2 and a half hour tour, you’ll take a deep dive into these astounding artifacts and uncover the science and history that made it all possible with the guidance of a specialized scholar.

Beginning in the Grand Gallery, we’ll cover the founding history of this 150 year old institution, and discover how it came to house such important wonders. Journeying into the museum’s galleries, we’ll set the stage by examining the oldest relics within the museums walls: ancient, massive flecks of asteroids, and Lucy, one of the most complete skeleton of an early hominid. From there, with the specialized guidance of an expert, you’ll be lead through the renowned galleries of dioramas, specimens, and skeletons from around the world.     

The tour will conclude at the Hayden Planetarium, where we may pause in the grand scale of the newly designed hall to consider the objects that we viewed, the institution that houses them, and the wonder of our natural world.


Where does the tour start? Where does it end?

The tour meets inside the Museum. Your confirmation email will have the exact meeting point details along with a map, and 24/7 phone number. The walking tour ends inside the Museum.

Do we need to pay a ticket to get in?

Yes, tickets are included with the purchase of this tour.

What are skip-the-line tickets?

For this tour, your tickets are pre-purchased which allows you to skip the ticket office line upon arrival at the venue. You may still have to wait in a security line or in a line to have your pre-purchased ticket scanned.   

Is the American Museum of Natural History accessible?

Yes. Each entrance of the museum, as well as all floors and galleries are accessible by wheelchair. Additionally, exhibits in the Hayden Planetarium have brail texts.

Is this tour good for kids and teens?

Yes! We have some excellent family friendly experts who can appeal to the learning styles of children. We have a separate American Museum of Natural History for Kids tour just for families with children 12 and under. When booking, please provide us with information about your children such as favorite school subjects, and hobbies. This way we can match you with the best possible docent.
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Ethan was incredibly knowledgable, entertaining, and charming. We would do another tour with him in a heartbeat!
Not as in-depth as other Context Tours we have been on. It could be because the exhibits related to the guide's main interest have been closed for renovations.
The guide showed up late. Went to the staff entrance. We were in the main entrance. She was not organized and the tour had no structure to it. We basically walked through various exhibits with no explanatory info. Sometimes she would wander away from us while we were left on our own. An audio tour would have been more informative. She could have picked out some highlights and provided insight into them. She basically walked us through the museum and never provided bathroom breaks or chance to sit. We had to ask for bathroom breaks and stopped to sit. I had the feeling that she did not want to be there as she told me more than once that she would be glad to let us go off on our own. The tour ended an hour early which was fine with me as it was a miserable experience. We have used Context in Europe an US and this was the worst tour ever. I want a full refund for this tour. Context, you failed big time on this one!!