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Private and Small Group Guided Tours

Osaka is much more than the capital of the Kansai region—it's a lively, colorful and nocturnal haven filled with some of the best cuisines in the whole of the country.
Serving as an economic hub since its days as a 4th-century port, Osaka is steeped in tradition and history. The city's intriguing past is best explored through its temples, shrines, and the famous Osaka Castle. More recently, Osaka has emerged as a lively cultural metropolis, known for its bright lights, bustling markets, and perhaps the most famous gastronomy in all of Japan. This is where you will find some of the best street food in Japan, from takoyaki (balls of battered octopus) and okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) being local specialties. Explore Osaka yourself with Context's private guided tours.

Osaka Private Guided Tours

While our private guided tours in Osaka range from history to cuisine, they remain consistent in our commitment to quality. When you book an Osaka tour, you will visit Osaka Castle with a religious expert on our Introduction tour. If you're eager to taste local delicacies, you'll visit Kuromon Market with a local culinary expert on our Osaka Food Tour. If you'd like to do something a bit different, there's a high chance we can organize a Custom tour. However you approach it, our private tours in Osaka offer a substantial dive into the Kansai region and this spectacular city, often nicknamed 'the Nation's Kitchen'.