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Paris Private Tours and Paris Small Group Tours

Paris Private and Small Group Guided Tours

With its boulevards and bohemians, Paris lives up to its reputation as headquarters for the intellectually curious.
The glittering jewel of the Seine. Birthplace of gothic architecture, hotbed of the Age of Enlightenment, cultural capital par excellence—there's a reason why Paris has entranced us for ages. This endlessly fascinating city has many layers: from its medieval Gothic period, when churches like Notre Dame were erected; to the 1789 Revolution, when the Bastille was torn down; to the Second Empire, when 19th-century urban planner Hausmann built the grand boulevards; to the 20th century, when modernist architects like Le Corbusier experimented with a new vision of the city. That sense of invention has inspired French culture—including literature, art, fashion, and food. Immerse yourself in the grand splendor of the City of Lights with Context's Paris private tours and Paris small group tours.
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Paris Private Tours and Paris Small Group Tours

We run over 30 different Paris guided tours, including tours for kids, food tours, and art tours. What's our favorite? Well, it's hard to go wrong with our private Paris Chocolate tour, an intellectually curious look at the world-conquering sweet that covers everything from how such an innocuous bean became so beloved to why Paris might be the best city for chocolate in the world. We also love our Musee d'Orsay Tour with an art historian, covering one of the most exciting and noteworthy periods of art. If we're feeling bohemian then let's alight to the 18th arr. for our Montmartre Walking Tour, where we'll learn all about Lautrec, Picasso, and the rest of the avant-garde community of the late-19th and early-20th century. Or, cultivate your own Parisian exploration—our Paris private guides are happy to tailor a custom tour to your interests. 
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Laurent is a friendly and witty docent, and a pleasure to be with. He has vast knowledge about the history and architecture of the Chateaux and was always more than willing to answer our questions, using each of those moments as springboards to add further points and issues of interest. His explanations about how each of the Chateaux evolved throughout their existence and about the different roles they played in the history of France gave us the keys to better understand everything we were seeing. Also interesting were his comments about the many historical personages who lived in and used the chateaux. He allocated our time very efficiently, which was very important, considering the size of the Chateaux (especially Fontainebleau) and the distance between them. Furthermore, he seized the moments we were being driven between locations to provide us with the historical background of each Chateau and other interesting information. We learnt a lot in a very smooth way.
Laurent is friendly and witty and a pleasure to be with. He gave us a rich description of the context in which Da Vinci was inserted and a thorough explanation as to how Da Vinci, his art and the techniques he used evolved, thus enabling us to better understand the works that stood before our eyes. We had in-depth discussions about the most important drawings and paintings in the exhibition, whereby he drew our attention to many interesting and surprising details. He skillfully kept our attention throughout the tour (which was specially challenging considering we had just left the airport after an 11-hour flight). Once again, we learnt a lot in a very smooth way.
Marine was wonderful -- I learned a lot and really enjoyed the tour.