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Private and Small Group Guided Tours

Provence captivates with its post-impressionist art, rolling lavender fields, hilltop towns, and scenic wine-producing countryside.
Provence seems to epitomize a picture-perfect France: delectable wines, lively markets, enviable countryside, and delicious food. Set away from the buzz of Paris, Provence offers a more relaxed exploration of historical sites, from Roman aqueducts to medieval churches. Whether you’re drawn in by the food, the wine, the history, or the scenery, Provence promises to delight. Discover Provence on a private Context tour. 

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Provence Private Guided Tours

Provence is an area rich in history and culture—perfect for in-depth exploration. Join an introductory tour in either Aix-en-Provence or Marseille to learn more about the historical foundations of both these enticing cities. Interested primarily in art and the life of Cezanne? Then book our Cezanne Art Tour as you learn more about the life and works of this influential figure. Our Provence tours offer wonderful insight to this celebrated part of France.