About Anna
Anna is an art historian with a BA and MSt from Oxford University. She has over 7 years experience working for major national museums around the world, including the British Museum and the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Since moving to Tokyo, Anna has become a freelance writer, lecturer and cultural researcher. Her work has included providing expert feedback for the Japan Cultural Institute and Japan Tourist Association on a wide range of cultural sites across Japan. She has particular expertise in the field of prints and drawings, a subject on which she has lectured for the California College of the Arts, the Tokyo University of the Arts as well as publishing numerous academic articles and her book ‘London: A View from the Streets’. She is continually fascinated by the ever-changing urban landscape of Tokyo, and the relationship between old and new in the Japanese aesthetic. She loves visiting older buildings around Japan, an interest fostered by her time on the Attingham Summer School in the UK.
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