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Vienna Briefing: Coffee and Stroll with a Local Expert
About Christian
Being half-Austrian and half-American, Chris has lived, worked and studied in the US and Austria. He feels himself truly at home in countries, but Vienna has never really let go of him and he has spent most of his life in this city. He spends his professional life as an economics lecturer at Webster Private University Vienna, where he has also had a 16-year stint as Department Head for Business and Management. However, he also has a passion for history and food, which first found an outlet in History of Economics and has since transitioned to Culinary History. In Chris' current seminars, he covers social aspects of European culinary traditions (with focus on Roman, Medieval and Baroque times) and cooks authentic period recipes with his students. This love for history has also turned him into an aspiring historical fiction writer, and he has just completed a novel set in 17th-century Austria. Having grown up with Vienna's history, stories and folk tales and having walked its streets for decades, Chris has explored every nook and cranny and enthuasiastically shares this love with visitors.
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