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About Cristina
Cristina Potters is the author of Mexico Cooks, the preeminent English-language website about Mexico’s cuisines and cultures. She began learning the regional cooking of Mexico nearly 40 years ago from extraordinarily accomplished home cooks from across the country. Cited in print and online as the go-to native-level Spanish and English-speaking expert in Mexico’s regional foods, she has mastered many of the intricacies of traditional central Mexican ingredients, recipes, and food history. It’s a continuing pleasure for Cristina to work as a Context food market expert in Mexico City. Touring the city's colorful, chaotic, and exciting markets with her, visitors will gain fascinating insights into Mexico’s foods, including their cultural context and history. You will taste delicious treats little-known outside Mexico, and experience sights and sounds that will live in your memory and provide a lifetime of stories. Cristina looks forward to giving visitors a taste of some of Mexico’s best and most eye-popping culinary experiences.
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