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Greek Islands
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About Dimitra
Dimitra is an archaeologist with a Master's degree focused on Minoan civilization. She is originally from Athens and moved to Crete to study it's wealth of history. She has been working both as a licensed guide and archaeologist for more than 15 years. She has excavated in sites all over Greece such as Akrotiri in Santorini, the Temple of Apollo in the Cyclades, Minoan settlements & tombs around Knossos & Phaistos, a Hellenistic town and a Roman cemetery in Crete, a Neolithic setllement in Northern Greece and Geometric & Roman finds in Athens. She represented the University of Athens in a post graduate seminar in the International Olympic Academy at Olympia where she gave a lecture on the Ancient Olympic Games to students from all over the world. As a tourist guide she has been giving tours to students from schools, colleges and universities from USA, Great Britain & Australia as well as individual travelers, families & VIPs including ambassadors & the Vice-president of China. She has appeared as a specialised Minoan archaeologist in two documentaries about the Minoan civilization on Travel Channel and History Channel.
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