About Laure-Caroline
A native Parisian, Laure-Caroline completed her Ph.D. at the Sorbonne, with a focus on Paul Cezanne and other impressionists. She has published many books on these subjects: Lire la peinture de Cezanne (Larousse 2006), Les oeuvres clés de l'Impressionnisme (Larousse 2007), and l'Art Abstrait (Larousse, 2010), Paul Gauguin (Larousse, 2018) and Toulouse-Lautrec( Larousse 2019) in addition to contributing to various French publications on art history. She had taught art history at the Sorbonne University and is currently senior lecturer for French and American universities study abroad programs, such as Sciences Po, and NYU Paris. Laure-caroline is extremely passionate about art and art history and tries to convey this passion to the people she teaches.
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